Hospitalist program

Optum has a special Hospitalist program with several physicians covering dozens of hospitals over 12 counties in Florida. This program is designed to help take the best possible care of our patients who need to be hospitalized. 

A Hospitalist is a medical doctor who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. An Optum Hospitalist partners with your primary care doctor in coordinating your care. Optum Hospitalists team up with Care Managers, who are registered licensed nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or registered nurses (RNs). Together, your primary care doctor, the Hospitalist, and the Care Manager work as a team to make sure you get the right care in the right setting.

When It’s Time to Leave the Hospital

When you are ready to leave the hospital to go home or to another care setting like a skilled nursing center, a Care Manager will work with you and your family or caregivers to help make that transition smooth. Your Care Manager may send someone to your home to ensure that you have any medical equipment, home health services, and everything else you may need. Your Care Manager will also make sure your primary care doctor knows the details of your hospital stay.

Follow-Up After Your Hospital Stay

Even after you return home, a Care Manager will call to make sure you are doing well, ask if you have any questions that may not have been answered before you left the hospital, and ensure that appropriate follow-up appointments, lab tests, or doctor visits are scheduled. This is part of our promise to give you the personalized care you deserve, and we hope it brings you peace of mind.