Total care model

Optum provides medical care to our patients through programs that meet their individual needs:

Level 1:  Self-Management and health education programs

Provides self-management for people with chronic disease and prevention services.

Level 2:  Complex care and disease management

Provides long-term, whole-person care enhancement for patients with diabetes, COPD, CHF, CKD, depression, dementia, cancer, and organ transplant, using a multidisciplinary team approach.

Level 3:  High risk clinics and care management

Provides intensive one-on-one physician/nurse-patient care and case management for the highest risk, most complex patients, using highly trained physicians and care managers who are closely integrated into community resources, physician offices, and/or clinics.

Level 4:  Home care management

Provides in-home medical and palliative care management for chronically frail seniors who have physical, mental, social, and financial limitations, using specialized physicians, nurse care managers, and social workers, to help prevent unnecessary hospitalization.