Total care

A whole health care team

All too often, patients can feel lost amid a maze of specialists, doctors and medical lab facilities. Optum does things differently. We help you navigate every aspect of your wellness. From regular check-ups to lab tests and specialist visits, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our providers work as a team, coordinating with specialists, nutritionists, social workers, behavioral health professionals, care managers, and many others. Together, they provide quality health care that is precise, organized and comfortable for your individual needs.

For us, better care is more than a philosophy. It means real, tangible benefits for patients like you:

  • The full attention of primary care providers, specialists, nurses, care managers, and other medical professionals
  • Responsive, comprehensive care
  • Annual wellness visits to keep you feeling your best
  • Special teams to care for chronic conditions
  • Electronic medical records that make things convenient for you
  • Educational materials so you can be an active partner in your health and wellness
  • Urgent care access
  • Timely referrals
  • Online patient portals and other technology that keeps you connected to our care community
  • 24-hour health care/medical support by phone

Your health matters. That’s why Optum surrounds you with a whole health care team. Our patients tell us that this has a way of making them feel as if they are part of the family – a place where they feel at home. We take pride in fostering that experience by listening to you, by using your primary care provider’s office as the center of your care, and by providing you with the personalized care you deserve.

At Optum, our focus is on giving you the personalized care you deserve. Each team member is dedicated to your health and wellness.

Give us a call today, and become part of our family.

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