Eat smarter

How smart are you eating? Get 5 tips to curb your appetite

Did you know that making small changes every day can give you big benefits for weight loss and weight management? It is time to get smart about what you eat. Raise your nutrition IQ with five tips for a healthier overall diet.

  • When you crave something sweet, reach for a piece of fruit instead of low-volume, calorie-dense foods, such as cookies, cake, and candy. Fruit gives you a lot of nutrients and fiber and fills you up fast. This small change helps you with weight management, as it has been shown that people tend to eat the same volume of food regardless of its calories.

  • Replace refined white flour-based foods with whole grain foods such as whole wheat bread and whole grain pastas. These foods contain fiber that flour-based foods do not, which helps to fill you up and satisfy your hunger.

  • At meals, at least half of your plate should be vegetables and/or salad. When eating at a restaurant, ask for extra servings of vegetables in place of starches, including  pasta or rice. Vegetables give you vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, and are very low in calories. You can feel full and not break your calorie budget.

  • Snack on healthy foods such as a handful of walnuts, almonds, or soy nuts instead of chips, crackers, or pretzels. Be sure when snacking to buy single-serving snacks or portion out servings in small bowls or plastic bags. Never eat from large bags or boxes.

  • At home, use small plates, bowls, and cups to avoid serving large portions, which will give you more daily calories than you need.

Make the grade by eating smart. Talk to a Optum doctor for more tips.

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