Healthy living

Health is a precious gift and Optum doctors want to help all our patients live life to the fullest. That’s our mission every day, and we fulfill it through our coordinated care model and the many resources we offer our patients.

  • Learn more about taking care of yourself or of a chronic condition by signing up for a Health Enhancement class or education program.
  • Take control of your healthcare decision-making by completing an Advance Directive for your doctor/care team now so you can make your own decision about your healthcare, even at times when you can’t speak for yourself.
  • Let a Care manager help you remove obstacles that get in the way of taking care of yourself, if your doctor refers you to one.

These are just some of the ways that Optum helps keep you as healthy as you can be.

Flu vaccinations
This year, getting your flu vaccine is more important than ever before. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expects that COVID-19 infections will keep spreading when the flu season arrives this fall and winter. Catching both infections is possible, so you should get vaccinated against preventable illnesses, such as the flu.

We understand you may be concerned about leaving home to get the flu vaccine. That’s why we are offering a variety of safe and convenient options to get vaccinated.

Call your doctor’s office today to learn more about your options. Or click here for more information: optum.com/flu