Managing care isn’t a patient’s job. It’s ours.

Coordinated Care is designed to make healthcare safer and easier for patients to navigate. Each Optum primary care provider's office takes the lead, coordinating a patient's entire team to deliver quality care and a comfortable experience. Others have tried the idea, but our model is based on decades of experience and continuous improvement.

  • Better care

    Our clinicians are always looking for new ways to predict, avoid, and treat conditions—while keeping patients involved and informed.

    • Fewer patients per provider
    • Longer appointments
    • A full range of primary, specialty, urgent, senior and advanced care
    • Annual wellness visits
    • A broad network of specialists and timely referrals*
    • Care managers to help with treatment plans*
    *Availability based on insurance plan
  • More affordable care

    We’re a pioneer in value-based care, which holds us accountable for providing efficient, quality care.

    • Emphasis on preventative care
    • Focus on reducing excessive medications
    • Goal of avoiding needless hospitalizations
  • Convenient care

    Our goal is not to charge more for extra tests or treatments, but to keep patients healthy according to objective metrics. We try to reduce waste and keep costs predictable.

See what others have to say about us

“The supporting staff is beyond professional —and empathetic.” —Patient

“I think if other doctors embraced the Coordinated Care model, we would see markedly improved quality, satisfaction and lower cost.” —PHCMC CEO

"When I recommend Optum Medical Group, I know things go right." —INSURANCE AGENT

Serving 87,000 medicare advantage patients across Florida

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  • Orlando

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  • South Florida

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