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August 14, 2013

100 Accountable Care Organizations to Know

HealthCare Partners California ACO (Torrance, Calif.).
 Healthcare Partners California ACO is affiliated with HealthCare Partners Medical group. The ACO includes more than 1,200 employed and affiliated primary care physicians and more than 30,000 employed and contracted specialists. The ACO was one of the original 32 Medicare Pioneer ACOs, but was one of nine to announce its departure from the Pioneer program in July 2013. It also has a commercial ACO agreement with Monarch Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross.

HealthCare Partners of Nevada (Las Vegas). HealthCare Partners of Nevada is a multispecialty independent physician organization with more than 200 primary care physicians and roughly 1,700 specialists. The group was named to the Medicare Pioneer ACO program in late 2011, but was one of nine to announce its exit the Pioneer program in July 2013...